Just Ducky

OK so the holiday is over and so is the travel so everything would be ducky if I could twitch and twinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched. I'm up to my ears in stuff.
Later girls.

Betty & Terri I had a great time Thursday night we checked out about 3:15 or so I hope y'all grabbed up some deals.


Debbie H said…
Deals, did someone say deals? Where did you go? Did you make Rod shop in the middle of the night for black Friday after all that traveling?
Betty said…
LOL!! I spotted them in WM in the wee hours of Thursday night/Friday morning....

Angie, that's about the same time Bill and Amber checked out. What a fiasco! Oh well, I spent way to many hours there but it was worth it. It was crazy and fun all at the same time.

I know you were excited to get the lights you had been looking for!
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I was I was almost as excited about the lights as the cc carts.
Fyi i didnt want to wait but he encouraged me to do it. Its a little known fact but hubby absolutely loves black F (more so than I)
yeah checking out was really wild we spent more than 2 hrs in the checkout line.
Debbie H said…
2 hours to check out, my gosh, how much did you save? Not getting it, but glad you had fun! I got my 2 lite cartridges, paid an extra $10 but worth it to go to bed on time and get up at a normal time. I had to work Friday, but did manage to shop a little on line.
well rod had some 9.00 wranger jeans
5, 4.00 high thread count towels
4 cc
back up drive 500 g 39.00
4 g sd card 8.00
and ta dah!!!!!!!!
the Christmas lights i wanted!!!!!
Anonymous said…
we went back later in the morning and they had restocked a lot of the sale itemsk, including the $98 TV (2 more pallets @ 0930 or so). Got one for my scrap room. Picked my sister up at 0500 and walked back in my door at 2230 that night. Whew!! Glad that is done.

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