Friday, October 15, 2010

Supper Stealth Kitty Delta Force Feline Brigade.

Here in the third most dangerous city in the good ole US OF A a supper stealthy healthy and not wealthy kitty resides (well part of the time). In troubled times like now its best to keep a low profile don't you think? Be invisible! Do not be noticed! So in the effort to blend into society or hide out out from the bad guys Pumpkin The Wonder Cat has taken the task upon herself to become "Stealth Kitty" an active member of the Delta Force Feline Brigade. Never mind that furry butt sticking out.
Ha! Pumpkin says (in a Bruno from Dancing With The Stars accent)"I blend so it is of no importance that my fluffy end is sticking out. I AM THE CAMELION!" See I blend into the rug almost as if I were a flower!

Well maybe I need to see my Mommy every few minutes or so. I need to be able to keep an eye on her, you know just in case something were to happen to her. Or say she were to walk towards my treat bag or towards the canned kitty food. So I will sleep with one eye open. Ha you just cant keep Supper Stealth Kitty down!
Have a good weekend
note: yes its supposed to be supper instead of super because she lives for dinner!


scrap happy girl said...

So I know Betty will ask about the shoes they are for my Halloween costume!

Debbie H said...

Pumpkin sure looks like she is having a good time!

Betty said... know me well. Believe it or not those shoes are the first thing I noticed in the photo. Too funny!!!!

Pumpkin is hilarious! Be careful Momma walking the streets in those shoes......

Ha! surprise! not dead!

Well its been quite some time I am alive and well and remembering mooooost of my passwords! I am currently not doing much as far as scrapb...