long time no see

OK girls I've been busy with hoa stuff, attorney stuff and well other stuff. Last Sunday I had to make a special trip to purchase Mini Monsters. I had "this" ideal and I could not get it out of my head. So here we are we are all hanging out in the hot tub (cauldron) and we are getting our party groove on. That is most of us, a few of us aren't pictured they decided to go Trick or Treating and haunting OK? OK. Enjoy it! This was a true art project but I thought of all of you as I completed it. Lets hear it for " The Big Girl Table" no that's not right,
The Scrappa Deltas!
Love y'all miss you all

Oh almost forgot that first photo is a special project that I'm working on its really large and yes that is a 12 X 24 mat.


Debbie H said…
love that party card, such wonderful detail! Glad you are fitting in some fun in between. Now have you seen the cute monster face stamps at peachykeen.com?
Betty said…
Monsters in the Hot Tub, that is so cute! Hope all is well!

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