Tuesday, March 29, 2011

take out the trash

I swear I could not in my most wild dreams make up some of shit I encounter in real life.

So you all know what a dangerous and suspicious person I am.

I just ooze bad right.

Yesterday I was sitting in in my suv waiting for Rod to get out of work . I was in my usual spot. The same spot I've been sitting in since November year before last. I was listening to my ipod awake alert and ready to edge up to the front of the building for pickup.


A security guard honked at me. OK no problem I put down the window thinking she need me to help her but no that wasn't it.

You gotta move. She said.

I waited a beat because no signs were posted and thirty or forty other cars were waiting along with me so I replied.

I'm waiting for my husband, I wait here every day.

We had a meet'n. She said

I shrugged my shoulders thinking it would be nice if she would roll down her window more than half an inch when she said and pointed.

You gotta wait off property.

I would not have a problem with that if it were in B.G. or my hometown but here?

Do y'all remember the story of the gas station?

The gas station next to the plant could defend themselves against a small third world country invasion because of all the bars on the bullet proof windows.

Yeah its so good that houses close to the plant sell for under ten thousand on a regular basis.

Did I mention its not exact home girl territory?

And it would have been fine to move had there been a sign posted saying "no stopping" or "no parking" or if she hadn't singled me out of the 30 or 40 other cars that were waiting.

I cant make this shit up I tell ya.

Let us all pray for the security guard who doesn't like me and my suv.

I will soon start on Easter cards.

Fyi great sale at Jo's 8x8 paper packs in assorted colors and some solids for $1.99!

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Debbie H said...

Looking forward to your Easter cards, card making is my therapy, might help you relax, too. Hope the security issue is worked out soon. Often plants in big cities are in bad neighborhoods, I understand why you wouldn't wait off campus. Good luck!

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