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  1. Note I'm having lots of trouble with blogger so I had to number things.

  1. You think I could have posted the right date especially when its above the post. No I was so sure it was the 25 not the 24 sigh

  1. So things have been busy with normal life things

  1. We bought a new mattress out of pure sleep deprivation. Who was the person who suggest we buy a cheap (er economical) mattress? Oh that was me. Well the old will soon be on its way to a new home and the new is waiting for the mattress pad to get out of the washer.

  1. Could someone remind me we are out of washing powder and I need to go to the store?

  1. We went to see Rango over the weekend it was OK full of innuendo most all very dry but amusing not quite the funny I wanted but OK.

  1. I'm really tired of snow. It snowed Friday night started again Sunday afternoon and kept it up till we went to bed.

  1. Well laundry in a large quantity calls my name. .........................................................................................................................................................


I've tried to post since this morning and every time I went to post one thing or another kept me from it.

1. The bedding isn't done and its currently 8:58 PM

2. Thankfully I didn't cook tonight.

3. The last of the bedding is finally in the washer as of now.

4. I still forgot to to to SEARS and get washing powder.

5. I need to Thank Bo for helping a girl out in supplying some liquid gel detergent.

6. I want another glass of Coke but I don't have any. I don't NEED any.

7. I need to get off my big fat bottom.

8. I still want more Coke I'm keeping track of Rods glass because I might get desperate.

9. Pumpkin is afraid of the new bed.

10. I'm done stick a fork in me.

11. Not really..........

12. The old mattress now is resting at it's new home. The new owner (Ron who is Rod's gf) was going to trash his old mattress but someone stopped and asked for it. Lets just say it was needed and did that ever put a huge smile on my face.

I'll be back chiclets!


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