Monday, June 13, 2011

Mighty Mo

This is KAW point where the Mighty Mo and Kansas river meet. If you look closely you can see the Mo to the left and you also might be able to see its current is so strong its flowing back into the Kansas river a bit.

That's a headlight in the mirror and check out the train it has no caboose.

This is a sand bagging machine the sweet Army Core sent this to the little town of Parkville.

I know its a bit blurry but this wall of sandbags was very impressive 6 ft maybe

Mighty Mo

The call the Missouri river the Mighty Mo. The Mighty Mo is being ornery its over flowing and the currents in the river are amazing fast. Army Core of engineers are letting excess amounts of water out of the damns to the north of us. Nebraska or Iowa? Its all from record breaking snows so this "melt" is headed this way. The good thing is that the Army knows how long will take for all that water get here so this weekend was all about being prepared for the little riverside towns I live close to.

This weekend was also about perfect weather two very perfect days! Saturday we went to a blues/rock/jazz festival and it was worth it. I got in the girls line to go potty and an older lady looked at me and asked me if I was hot. I had on jeans and two thin tank tops and a loose knit zip up sweater. I said no. then she asked me if I was from KCK and I said no and she it showed : )

Now give me a break it was like 72 and I was sitting in the shade with the most perfect breeze and very very comfortable. I don't as a rule wear shorts till its 80 to be she was weird in short shorts and a sleeveless tank at 72.

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Debbie H said...

I saw this in the news, it's really something. You got some pretty good pictures, I hope those sand bags hold!

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