Thursday, June 02, 2011

Special edition

For the knitters in my life.........
How many of y'all knit? Two maybe three?
I ran across this the other day ago and I plan on making it. It will be my very first (complete) sweater. Yes I have several clothing items in mid make thanks to our gypsy life.

photos taken from crazy aunt pearl......

You can have a better look here at CRAZY AUNT PEARL

I'm knitting mine with ALP natural FEZA (bought it out here)

how I miss Starla......

getting back on track

If you refresh your Crazy Aunt Pearl page it will go on to tell you how to purchase a pattern if you wish. I haven't been in love with a sweater often so this is a rare moment for me, I'm a scarf girl.

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Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.