Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Princess Diana

Clipie took a half day off on Monday to do a once in a lifetime thing with me. We went to an art exhibit of Diana. Lots of pictures but it also had two royal crowns, family jewelry (Spencer family), picture of her growing up, about 20 or more of her dresses, her condolence books from her funeral, and rose petals from her funeral. Unfortunately I can not show any of them to you, no photography was allowed. I've gotten used to the traffic cameras out here but this was ridiculous if you scratched the wrong way you were watched.

Rod's knee. Isn't it the most lovely knee you have ever seen? IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it remarkably fitting that this spot light fell over cracked concrete. I think it symbolized her life very well.

Here I am I wore a lace top while lots of ladies wore dresses and ice pick heels. It lasted almost two hours it was in the basement of kck's Union Station (we could hear the trains pulling in and out!) It was a lot of walking for me because when its 95 (yes again) and 99.999999 percent humidity it's not easy to cut though all the smog and ozone it leaves very little for asthmatic lungs. I had a wonderful time, Rod really enjoyed it and that surprised me. These will definitely turn into a scrapbook page.

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Debbie H said...

What a great opportunity, so glad you got to go!

Ha! surprise! not dead!

Well its been quite some time I am alive and well and remembering mooooost of my passwords! I am currently not doing much as far as scrapb...