I'll show you mine... if you will show me yours....

Tuesdays post on Monday....

Well deb h had e-mail me a pic of some recent organizing she had done, I was so impressed (also greatly embarrassed) because she did a good job. I do truly admire her for having a cleaning streak my room/home is a mess most of the time. To say my scrap area is not in the least bit clean looking (at this time) would be an understatement. So by posting pictures of my room I was thinking I will need to immediately clean the room after, cause I can't just put my junked up room on the blog and then not clean it... so consider this my before pics and in a day or two I'll share the after.




Anonymous said…
Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie H said…
It's the organzing part that is hard, but once you get going you'll feel good!

Deb H
Betty said…
Hey A - where's the after photos??
Just kidding..... This organizing stuff is very time consuming.

Are you scrappin this weekend?

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