Wednesday, December 03, 2008

rock and roll

OK all the next few days are going to be very slow on the blog. It's that time of year is it not? We are trying to put up Christmas decorations and the like. I also plan to be on a recon mission entitled "pictures of the twins" so hopefully I'll soon have a bunch of baby pictures to show off.

Other than that I have two questions
1. I'm curious about family traditions, Do any of you have Christening gowns that are passed down in the family? Have any of you ever made a Christening gown?
2. Secondly what type of veggie dish? healthy? lathered in butter or sugar? cooked? one veggie or assorted? suggestions.....(please just not green bean casserole) sweet potato casserole with strudel topping?

Have a good rest of the week and weekend
blessings and prayers to all

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Debbie H said...

Christening gowns not handed down, but after all there was just me and my brother. I think my mom made a christening gown for my first born niece, but my snobby SIL didn't want it, she had to buy a very expensive designer gown.

Veggie dish...surprise us, and this is not the time of the year to worry about healthy. My mac and cheese will clog your arteries anyhow :)

Deb H

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