Thursday, September 09, 2010

Eat the vinyl land gods

Fyi: I only acknowledge one God in my life, his name is Jesus. So don't take any of the land god comments wrong. Jesus is my one and only.

So the land gods speak part one:

So we received not one but two darling letters from our hoa

The first letter included violations that if not repaired by October 31st will result in "legal action". OK so to me the word LEGAL ACTION can only imply one thing = lawsuit. It would be a law suit over:

(exact words are )

"Solid waste and recycle waste receptacles must be kept from sight other than for scheduled collection. This has been clarified by the developer to be screened from view from three sides. Meaning it should be screened from view on the front and sides." End quote.


I Quote:
"All mechanical equipment, utilities (phone, cable, and electrical boxes), solid waste receptacles and services areas are to be screened from public view."End quote.

Yep they are that important. So the land gods of Sutherland Farms basically gave us 48 hrs to do all this because who knows when Mr Incredible will be home next to work for the association (sadly he must take off days, he does not have, to finish up the work in the future). Whoops! work in our yard is what I meant. I really hope they enjoy the home we pay for every month, I think they should enter me in the parade of homes my decorating is so good, its a new dusty lived in look, it looks best when you only light candles and the fireplace. Its so romantic.
Had not dear wonder girl Jackie went over to my place and read the letters to me (at ten pm Thursday night) we would be saddling up and moving to bankruptcy court because I have no money for "legal action". Truthfully we had no money for the the fix but the Big Guy (aka GOD) saw to deliver our state income tax returns in a timely manner. Yes we are still wrapping up the tax year a story for later.

So lets talk about how I can cover the cans. Technically none of the trash cans will be able to be screened because any structures built in the neighborhood need to be submitted to the planning committee or such some crapola. So no built structures and fence approval? That is laughable, it takes almost six months, so no fences.

But Angie that looks like a fence in your photo? No dears its a screen. You see on the label shown its a screen so it will be screened from three sides. All done moving on. They may not like that, they may not like anything I've done, so it appears we are to be held under the scrutiny of the land gods for approval. I really hope they don't notice that my landscaping is deciduous plants.

side one: the house

side two : two panels of screen

side three:third and single panel.

So the male cow waste that they just gave me? Just hit the oscillator R & A style.

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Best of luck! Love the title by the way!

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