Suck it up Land Gods

Today is a very important day
The Land Gods will end there reign of terror on the lands of my home
I have one thing I'd like to say to one particular Land God but I should not because its not nice
so I'm going to say it here and now...
right now...
Suck rotten eggs bitter wicked witch! It's time for the good witch Glenda to give your old warn out ugly last season shoes to Good Will.

Y'all want to guess what I'm giving up for Lent this year? Its a special word that is multi purpose and I'm really really wanting to exercise the use of today but I'm not going to let an old hag bring me down! No way, no how.

Excuse me while I go dust off my pink ball gown and polish favorite tiara


Debbie H said…
Hope your meeting goes well, I was thinking about you today. Heading back to KS tonight or tomorrow?
In the morning : ( but we have no bad news so that a good thing. Still saying april.

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