Sixteen Plum

Lisa Spoiler for Sixteen FYI........
I Did this page a while ago when? I'm not sure but I'm not having any time to scrap this week with dog sitting so just go with me.
This depicts ending of Sixteen my favorite heroin is trapped in a tower (to bad she doesn't have long hair right?) and the Calvary is on the way. I've said it before or rather asked before what are Hobbits? No I have not seen Lord of the Rings, its on my Net Flicks list FYI. Anyway rounding back on subject....... I wanted to put Hobbit hats in with the trees because they help rescue Stephanie but I'm not sure if they wear hats? Yesterday I asked for help on the bushes today its Hobbits go figure.
So do they???????
And how would y'all make Hobbit hats if they existed?
My Sixteen companion page as you can see I hate to journal but the page is done.
17 is on the back burner!
Sorry I couldn't resist!


Debbie H said…
Nice work, love those flames! PS: Have a safe trip this weekend.
Lisa said…
Great job. I can't remember if I have read this one or not. I will have to check and see. I don't think you gave enough to spoil it for me, but thanks for the warning.

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