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I wish I were talking about high school football but I'm not. The unfortunate part of living in Mo for parts of the year is Tornado alley. Unfortunately yesterday was a duck and cover kind of day. Fortunately(Thank you JESUS) after 5 touchdowns in the metro area none were at my apartment or at Rod's work. Fortunately I also have a great neighbor who was watching tv and she told me we had one on the ground (see some of the most very scary words you hear in your life time "its on the ground headed this way" oy) who came down to my place for shelter when the nader was 15 miles away (give or take a few) and we vacated to Bo's. Bo is the wonder friend who put up her two dogs so that my little pumpkin could have some basement shelter as well. Yeah it was so serious I left my apartment unlocked because I didnt have time to hunt for my keys or take the time to wear my wedding rings. Rod and I couldn't communicate the circuits were busy so we were leaving each other voice mails and a text or two.
I'm thankful its a new day, I'm even more thankful WE made it through yesterday.
I have cards but I'll post them later tonight.
This is the wild wild west.


Debbie H said…
So much scary weather, glad you all are safe.

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