Thursday, October 16, 2008


So at the moment things are back to normal (as of Monday). We are back to our usual weekly groove. Clipie's dad is doing OK he is home and needs to exercise much more but he is doing better. Clipe spent a few nights with his parents, while I stayed with them the first night and went back to Moms all the other nights. No rest at all the first night so around 5 am I headed to my mom's for some real rest and discovered I would need to do that each night if I wanted any sleep. It was the first time Clipie had spent that much time with his parents since we married 16 years ago. Visiting did have some huge advantages, I did get to hold Alia and Leo (twins) and Talon all of them helped me rack up Great Aunt Angie status. Clippie had his baby freak on as well getting to hold and cuddle all of them. It's not every day people will had over a baby to a man who is 6'2, 48 and has no baby experience what so ever. The baby's were definitely the highlight of the stay. We also had a chance to see more family, friends, and some of clipie's childhood neighbors.

Don't forget Crop at Betty's this weekend.
I'm so excited it's been a while.

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Debbie H said...

So glad you are returning to normal, it feels so good. Also glad to hear you got time with the babies, how fun! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, it's been a long time.

Deb H

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