Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oh Martha! Your products have landed at BIG LOTS!

Oh Martha! Your products have landed at BIG LOTS!

With all the horrible financial news and Presidential stuff going on I've decided not to bring it up in my post which takes out most current evens like wall mart shopping going up to sky high prices. I have forgot to say that I had a chance to get some extra $1 stamps while back up north. I have yet to go through them cause I've been swamped with lots of other stuff going on but next time I crop (and that's looking like the 17 & 18th) I'll bring them. I also wanted to say a few Martha Stewart things have landed at Big Lots. Can you say Bwhahahahahaaha Martha, we told you so! It was summer themed items like Boats and Popsicles, glitter alphas and two different Christmas card kits with lot of glitter included.

In other news My father in law Joe had total knee replacement yesterday so you can figure out what I'm going to do in the next day or two. I'm happy Clipie will be able to help his Mom and Dad for a few days. I must say even thought Clipie is on lay off it has been wonderful to wake up and him here. And the timing could not have been more perfect it has been a "stay cation" of sorts for us. I'm sure it's been a while since we have spent 4 days together (in fact I cant remember the last time) and I'm loving every minute of it and thankfully it's only one week of lay off at the same time.


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Betty said...

Yea, Martha has been at BL for awhile now.... Didn't take too long to land did it? Not to mention all her stuff at WM too. However, I must say I do love her punches and would love to get my hands on that Drippy Goo one.....
from Michael's.

Enjoy the rest of your week with hubby and have a safe trip.

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