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Carts carts carts and more carts

Just Because" Cards Cartridge,
A Child's Year Cartridge,
Accent Essentials Cartridge,
All Mixed Up Cartridge,
Alphalicious Cartridge,
Animal Kingdom Cartridge,
Ashlyn's Alphabet Cartridge,
Base Camp Cartridge,
Beyond Birthdays Cartridge,
Birthday Bash Cartridge,
Calligraphy Collection Cartridge,
Celebrations Cartridge,
Christmas Cheer Cartridge,
Cindy Loo Cartridge,
Country Life Cartridge,
Create a Critter Cartridge,
Cricut Boys Will Be Boys Cartridge,
Cuttin' Up Cartridge,
Daisy Chain Cartridge,
Designer's Calendar Cartridge,
Destinations Cartridge,
Dinosaur Tracks Cartridge,
Don Juan Cartridge,
Doodlecharms Cartridge,
Doodletype Cartridge,
Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge,
Fabulous Finds Cartridge,
Forever Young Cartridge,
Freshly Picked Cartridge,
From My Kitchen Cartridge,
George and Basic Shapes Cartridge,
Give a Hoot Cartridge,
Going Places Cartridge,
Graphically Speaking Cartridge,
Happy Hauntings Cartridge,
Heritage Cartridge,
Jasmine Cartridge,
Joys of the Season Cartridge,
Jubilee Cartridge,
Keystone Cartridge,
Life is a Beach Cartridge,
Locker Talk Cartridge,
Lyrical Letters Cartridge,
Makin' the Grade Cartridge,
Mini Monograms Cartridge,
Mini Monsters Cartridge,
New Arrival Cartridge,
Nifty Fifties Cartridge,
Nursery Rhymes Cartridge,
Old West Cartridge,
Once Upon a Princess Cartridge,
Opposites Attract Cartridge,
Ornamental Iron Cartridge,
Pagoda Cartridge,
Paisley Cartridge,
Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge,
Paper Lace Cartridge,
Paper Pups Cartridge,
Picturesque Cartridge,
Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge,
Potpourri Basket Cartridge,
Preserves Cartridge
Printing Press Cartridge,
Quarter Note Cartridge,
Robotz Cartridge,
Rock Princess Cartridge,
Sampler Cartridge,
Sentimentals Cartridge,
Shall We Dance? Cartridge,
Simply Charmed Cartridge,
Simply Sweet Cartridge,
Songbird Cartridge,
Sports Mania Cartridge,
Stamped Cartridge,
Stand and Salute Cartridge,
Storybook Cartridge,
Straight from the Nest Cartridge,
Stretch your Imagination Cartridge,
Sweet Treats Cartridge,
Sweethearts Cartridge,
Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More Cartridge,
Tear Drop Cartridge,
Tie the Knot Cartridge,
Walk in My Garden Cartridge,
Wall Décor and More Cartridge,
Wild Card Cartridge,
Winter Frolic Cartridge,
Winter Woodland Cartridge,
ZooBalloo Cartridge

Licensed Cartridges
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Cartridge,
Creative Memories Cheerful Seasons Cartridge,
Creative Memories Reminisce Accents Cartridge,
Disney Dreams Come True Cartridge,
Disney Hannah Montana Cartridge,
Disney Happily Ever After Cartridge,
Disney Mickey and Friends Cartridge,
Disney Mickey Font Cartridge,
Disney Pooh and Friends Cartridge,
Disney Pooh Font Set Cartridge,
Disney Tinker Bell & Friends Cartridge,
Disney/Pixar Cars Cartridge,
Disney/Pixar Toy Story Cartridge,
Elmo's Party Cartridge,
Hello Kitty Font Cartridge,
Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge,
Martha Stewart Crafts All Occasions Cake Art Cartr,
Martha Stewart Crafts Elegant Cake Art Cartridge,
Martha Stewart Crafts Seasonal Cake Art Cartridge,
Nickelodeon SpongeBob Squarepants Cartridge,
Sesame Street Font Cartridge,
Sesame Street Friends Cartridge,
Sesame Street Seasons Cartridge,
Superman Cartridge

Lite Cartridges

B is for Boy Cartridge,
Billionaire Cartridge,
Block Party Cartridge,
Bloom Cartridge,
Botanicals Cartridge,
Carousel Cartridge,
Celebrate with Flourish Cartridge,
Cherry Limeade Cartridge,
Chore Chart Cartridge,
Cupcake Cartridge,
Cupcake Wrappers Cartridge,
Dude! Cartridge,
Feeling Groovy Cartridge,
Four Legged Friends Cartridge,
Handy Man Cartridge,
Hoot 'n' Holler Cartridge,
Inspired Heart Cartridge,
Jolly Holidays Cartridge,
Lacy Labels Cartridge,
Live Simply Cartridge,
Lovely Floral Cartridge,
Meow Cartridge,
Playtime Cartridge,
Savory Cartridge,
Slumber Party Cartridge,
Splish Splash Cartridge,
Sugar and Spice Cartridge,
Twinkle Toes Cartridge,
Varsity Letter Cartridge,
Wildlife Cartridge,
Zoo Day Cartridge

Seasonal Cartridges

Christmas Cards Seasonal Cartridge,
Christmas Village Seasonal Cartridge,
Easter Seasonal Cartridge,
H20 Seasonal Cartridge,
Independence Day Seasonal Cartridge,
Love Struck Seasonal Cartridge,
Mother's Day Seasonal Cartridge,
October 31st Seasonal Cartridge,
Pumpkin Carving Seasonal Cartridge,
Snow Friends Seasonal Cartridge,
Summer in Paris Seasonal Cartridge,
Summer Vacation Seasonal Cartridge,
Thanksgiving Seasonal Cartridge,
Very Merry Tags Seasonal Cartridge,
When It's Cold Outside Seasonal Cartridge,
Wrap It Up

Solution Cartridges
Baseball Solutions Cartridge,
Basketball Solutions Cartridge,
Blackletter Solutions Cartridge,
Camp Out Solutions Cartridge,
Christmas Solutions Cartridge,
Home Accents Solutions Cartridge,
Home Décor Solutions Cartridge,
Indie Art Solutions Cartridge,
Pink Journey Solutions Cartridge,
Sans Serif Solutions Cartridge,
Serenade Solutions Cartridge,
Soccer Solutions Cartridge,
Stamping Solutions Cartridge,
Stone Script Solutions Cartridge,
Street Sign Solutions Cartridge,
Wedding Solutions Cartridge

Working on the educational carts list.......


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so much

Where Do I begin again? I. Have. No. Ideal. I'm going to hit the ground running here and just say the past few years has held a great amount of change for my husband and I. We have lived new places made new friends and started over again. We are movers and shakers I guess. Not really just doing what we can to make life feel comfortable as possible. so lets get off and running, I haven't had a scrap space for almost a year, its been well over a year since I've used a cricut but not the gypsy. The cards most fast and quick and not picture worthy. As some things stay the same I'm still into clean lines its still a timeless favorite. So much of what you will see is rockin it old school or cute and quick and a few Pintrest inspirations. I'm a girl on the run so more quick than anything. For the first time in three years I plan not to travel for a few months and that makes crafting, blogging, and everything else less complicated and room for relaxation and fun. Enjoy the…

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Of course you will not know this song however i must express myself

I want to live in Bexley
So I can drive a big car
I want to live in Bexley
So I can act like a big star

At least that's the way I remember the parody song in my head. This lovely song was composed by two male disk jockeys who hosted the pop music station in my home town. At the time Bexley was "the" place to live. So those who cant afford to live there naturally make fun of the people who do (do men really change as they grow older?) Today I was thinking about that song clipie and I went to Springhill Tn, drove through Franklin Tn, then we came to two little towns called Brentwood and Oak Hill. I must say I have seen some huge homes in my time I've been to parade homes worth millions and had more than 10,000 sq feet so yes I've seen big. However I have never seen a community of homes so big I would not be able to gander upon how big they were. Let my try to compare most of them, they made our old tow…


Ahh so I know no updates of late. A most lazy poster am I. I ve been not liking the current upload system for my pictures so that why I don't post often. Life is ok. We are still in Fort Worth. Traffic boggles my imagination daily I spend about an hour on the road everyday and its only 6 miles to hubby's work and back. Bright lights, big city, crappy traffic.

Do we like it? It's not the worst place we have lived. You'll find original Texans are friendly, problem is not many are around. Of course the possibility could be maybe I'm not that likable. I doubt I'll ever be able to answer that.

We have never bought a house for many reasons the main being ours in B.G. never sold. It sits after price reductions and after every real estate analysis you could think of. 30k plus under market value and yes I've had a recent estimate. The other is taxes. Taxes are about 6000 on a .25 acre lot here . so even if you buy a little house you have a horrid bill. In Arlington …