Monday, January 10, 2011


So this is after paint And before
I know the photo above is much better than the top but its really hard to get a good late at night when your tired and cranky and ready for bed.
Thank you for all your happy wishes. I will say I've learned one thing after 18 years of marriage we both have learned how to paint and I've learned how to order what I want at Red Lobster without guilt on special days.Can you say Lobster tail and crab legs? yummmm yes they were.
Just so you know I did apologise to the lobsters in the tank on my way out the door. I did tell them its been at least twelve years since I've had lobster tail. I promised not to eat lobster frequently. Its those sad eyes just staring at you in that tank and with there little pincher's bound I feel as though it would be taking advantage. I usually don't splurge on lobster because I always have a side of guilt. May you all have a guilt free week I'll be out until next week..probably.

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Debbie H said...

The room turned out really good, much more masculine then before, it's nice. Sounds like you are feeling better, that is good. Glad you enjoyed your lobster. I finally saw Julie and Juliette over the weekend, there is a scene with Julie cooking a lobster that cracked me up, sounds like you!

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