Friday, January 07, 2011


Hi there bloggers Mom asked me to take her place today so If you don't know I'm Pumpkin the wonder cat. Lots of things have been going on around here lately. Mom has got back to our old schedule, I wake her up with the most pitiful "Meow" I can find and tell her I'm hungry for canned food and she gets up, eventually. I love on her some and pur then flop over show her my "pretty kitty" roll and then she smiles and gives me a treat.
Today I'm in search of the curtains she washed last night so I can curl up in them. They are soft all that dust is gone they smell all clean and they aren't gunked up with cat hair. So naturally I cant let that happen I must spread my DNA some how right? Time to nap.......

Unfortunately I chose to nap in the wrong room.

I wake up to find my humans have trapped me in a room with with creepy rolly thing. Mom calls the creepy thing a ladder, Dad says its not a ladder its a "scaffold". I pray the the magic in my stare will make the door open by its self.

As you can see my magic isn't up to par and with that "thing" in the way I cant try to open the door myself. Mom hates it when I figure out how to open the doors, at our old house I could open almost every door, man I loved that house. OK so my stare has lost its mojo for now I will sit quietly under this chair and give Mom my "I'm scared of the ladder look" oops "scaffold".
I'll keep ducking under the towel and pretend I'm hiding. I'll let out one of my morning pitiful "meows" and see if that works.

IT didn't work... yawn. I'm going to curl up here I've had a long stressful morning. I know Mom will eventually let me out. I'll just brush up against the wall as soon as she gets that paint brush out again. Yep cat hair the save of the day.

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