Tuesday, January 11, 2011


For "some" of us its playtime and for others we are cleaning, cooking (I cooked twice yesterday) and washing clothes and in general working around the house. Its not exactly playtime but I'm enjoying being at home and doing all that so it all counts as fun right?

I did have some real fun when I was in my home town not to long ago. I spent a half day with the boys and let me tell you I'll make time the next time I go home to do it again. They are so sweet and if you think they look sweet here you should try in person. Clipie and I walked away with hugs and kisses and great big huge smiles. Blessings


Betty said...

Wow...they sure have grown!!! Sounds like you all had a great visit.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe they are this big now. Seems like they should still be babies.

Debbie H said...

I can't believe how grown the twins are, oh my! What a fun age, I bet you enjoyed.

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