Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mrsa me

I don't know if I said anything a while back but I had a spider bite about six weeks ago. It healed mostly leaving a small knot but I thought it was OK. Apparently it really wasn't OK and I was way to passive with the bite. Mrsa me, the thing came back on Friday morning with a vengeance. So I went to a new doc and he fixed me up. I'm ready to go with meds and everything. Apparently it was a "sick" spider so it had lots nice things to give me for trick or treat. I got all the tricks this time round.

Any how Bo has left me alone and my Easter plans still have not been made and I would like a side order of sunshine to go with my life.

In the mean time amuse your selves with this joke the Doc told yesterday

you know who Charlie Sheen is right?
Do ya know how much cocaine he uses?
(I said enough to supply the state of California)
a lot
enough to kill two and half men!


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Betty said...

Sorry to hear about the spider bite Angie, that is terrible! Hope you get to feeling better!

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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