Thursday, April 07, 2011

This to that or third time is the charm......

This page is what I started with. I didn't like it at all, It just wasn't right. I know, I know its not a bad page but it's not my best so it bothers me. Even though it wasn't my best it did inspire the next two pages.

As I moved on I thought it was the background that was wrong. So I kept the pink and went to a circle background. That I (again) didn't like but it inspired yet another page.

The inspiration page:

Finally I did get to where I wanted to be. I know the previous pages weren't bad but isn't this "the best"?



1 comment:

Debbie H said...

pretty pages, love the color combos. I like the cards you have been posting, too. Just catching up after being with my folks last week!

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