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Back to Nashville part two

I first must apologize for being such a bad blogger and taking so long to tell my adventure. What can I say other than it's the Christmas season and I'm running out of steam every day, b/c well if I could manage to stay awake all 24 hrs then there may be a slight possibility I could get everything done. But alas I'm human hear me whine ( If you offer me cheese I prefer sharp cheddar to American). Off I go part two of the tie went on

I greatly enjoyed the concert while we were there she dedicated a song to our service men. They asked if all the service people would stand up we had three service people at our table. To make this short (and not make you cry because I did) I'm going to say that when I was done talking with the people at our table I held Mr Incredible's hand just a bit tighter and gave an extra prayer of thanks to Jesus for what I have. A couple beside us were getting ready to part, he is getting ready to take his third tour to Iraq, they have only been married for 4 years. The other thing that also hit home was there was a formal Ball for Air force and Marine's (? spelling?)(at least those were the only two types of uniforms I saw) that night. All the service men were young (real young) like I'm probable not old enough to drink the cold beers that they deserve after living in what was described to me as hell on earth. You should have seen some of the gowns these young women had on, they were absolutely gorgeous. Here I am thinking all these somewhat noble thought and my escort for the evening says " wow I bet some one's getting some action tonight" I was so ready to slug him but love him for lightening my mood(which had became pretty somber).

Well it's eleven 15 and I've got to run to the post office before midnight and get my Christmas cards out! I'll tell yall about the leg party tomorrow morning. Blessings a


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