Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The scrapbookers adventure, yesterday and this morning

Well from Dh's post I looks like my testosterone sensor was right on not to drop by ( I had no ideal I was that close to you Sunday). It also appears I was being a very bad speller again (not that, that's unusual) but just for the record I'm going to see the Rockett's not the rockets. Yesterday was a shop till you absolutely drop day. Lets just say after a few stores I have one great no make that supper great (dark teal, floor length satin skirt and velvet jacket to match) outfit for this weekend. And in the mix I have bought a few Christmas gifts for that clipie person. Along with the adorable Hallmark snowman who is currently singing his own rendition of "Rock'in around the Christmas tree". Despite my best efforts I only achieved half my goal. I never made it to wal mart so that and another visit to J C Penneys and the store we all dearly love Hobby Lobby and I should be done for the now not the latter.
All that great fun shopping triggered my allergies to go into high gear and I find myself reaching for the zyrtec this morning along with another mid morning nap. I cant stay awake any longer, I went to bed at 11 and have been up since six (yeah I know it's only an hour) but you forget I'm addicted to sleep and my fuzzy slippers (not fizzy the kind you drink). I dub tomorrow sleep in late and "do not" as much as I have done the past two days day.

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Debbie H said...

Glad you found such a lovely outfit, and it sounds like your shopping trip was worthwhile! I finished my shopping between Amazon and JC Whitney (guy stuff for Wayne). I did go to HL and Sam's last night while the little one was at dance class. Now I need a Christmas tree and some present wrapping!

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