Thursday, December 07, 2006

The scrappers protestests

Almost famous way to funny. I loved your post. Hope u found your Christmas cheer, little ones have a way of helping with that sometimes. Did you go to basil park ( I have no ideal how to spell basil) If you did you were extremely close to DW and my self. We haven't went this year but will probably go sometime this weekend.

I see that the doctors would like a check up. Lets see my bp is 140/78 and I have a normal temp. I was two weeks late last time. Of course you know that's normal with p/c/o/s. Oh the plan, what was that again? Get dressed by 4:30 and leave the house at lest once a week. Ok check. I'm fine you 2 worry warts. I did not make it on the 11 am thing yesterday (or any other day this week) because I didn't want to lay down with my clothes on. I wanted to cuddle& huddle in flannel. But I did get dressed and out of the house because we had to go pick up our pictures . I'm feeling much better this morning and promise to be dressed before 1pm and promise to not to report in much this weekend. You know Mr incredible and I will be sleeping in the next few days. I can't wait it's been to long since we haven't traveled on vacation. I'm so excited about it and as a bonus we will put up the rest of the Christmas decorations inside and out.

So like anybody working on anything cool or new. I have an advent page and an ideal about a page about different perfumes I've used over the years. I'll have Clipie man show me how to scan in once again and try to post the advent page some time in the next week. After my Christmas cards are done (which I haven't even started on). Maybe I should make that an after Christmas challenge. hummmm Blessings to you all A

ps. Do any of you knit? Willing to show me how? I think I'd like to give it a try.

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