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The tie went on

Congratulations to Dw with her new SUV! And thanks so much for updating us on pregnant gobbler I hope she has a wonderful vacation. Dh we need to know that you are still ok, so let us know! I forgot the other day to say hi to a few more lurkers L and I think gobbler T. If I left anyone out I'm sorry you'll just need to speak up and tell me. Now for the second installment of A's Holiday adventure.

Let's start with the tie. Well My tall and handsome dose not like to wear the one true male accessory the tie. And since he did snag the blazer he thought he could do without the tie because we all know "all the country and western stars don't wear'm". At least that was the argument, but in the end he wore it. Tim McGraw was the example used. We left for Nashville at least two and a half hours early, feeling confident that the traffic could not be ever be that bad. You know one thing I constantly learn over and over in my life is that I never quit learning. Self confidence can be a real joke at times, just when you think you know something you don't. Like we throughout that we would have plenty of time, we never imagined sitting in traffic for oh say more than two hours. Life just kinda likes to bite you in the butt like that some times. So we sat and sat and sat and my pretty teal skirt wrinkled an wrinkled more in the car. And after 1 and a half hours we made it (not including the time to drive down) we were officially late so I was in a state of "we are late, I cant believe we are late". So when we pulled into the Gaylord entrance you had to pick do want you to park out in Egypt? And Egypt was oh conservatively about 2 miles from the show, so I begged for him to valet park and yes it cost 20 bucks to park our car for four freakin hours. However it was ten if you chose to hike. $10 extra $ = a no brain'er, especially when you are in a skirt. So I'm in panic mode flying through the hotel at break neck speed, we eventually made our trek back to the delta (where cku was) an lo and behold the big guy up stairs smiled on us. Apparently we were one of he many hundreds late for the shows. The first show had been delayed because of traffic and so was the second one! I was so happy! We were in the back of the line but we were not late! 20 minutes later we were setting down having chicken, stuffed pork, butternut squash (total yuck) yummy sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (different). Pam sang 4 of her biggest hits Shake the sugar tree, Queen of De nial, and two more I can't remember at the moment, all of the rest were Christmas oriented. She was beautiful and sweet and we had decent seats (but had to turn our chairs around) no biggie. Dessert was something that heaven created out of cheesecake and a too sweet cherry chocolate moose. I could have taken pictures however every one I took did not turn out:( The stage decorations were Christmas trees that flickered with her lighting scheme and changed colors from blue to white to multi. She wore the most amazing white suit. Its had a small amount of Porter Wagner glitter on it. And If you don't know what that means I really don't know how else to describe it, sorry. She also had the most sparklely red (I bet it cost a bank roll and a half) I would bet at least five grand -it was a beautiful gown not a dress.

much more I'll continue in the morning to tired to go any more. A


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