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Mean while back at the ranch

First off Dh are you ok? (read her post below)did you call poison control? Did they have poison control here? Give us and update on you some time soon. And Dw how are your reindeer? And how's the Pregnant gobbler . So how is everyone else? Doing good I hope. As you may guess this is going to be as short as I can make it my eyes are still tender and I have strict instructions to stay of computer as much as possible until my specks are here (hopefully early next week_ so no surfing for me :(
Ok so Hello everyone I'm up this morning at 8 am because I received so much sleep last night that well I'm not tired. So like that Dr did not tell me my eyes would be this sensitive I'm still typing with sunglasses they are still are just not right. I have wore glasses on and off my hole life so not a huge biggie but not what I wanted to hear either. So Since I'm kinda backed up on my blog ill make it short as possible I'll tell you only the bare facts (I know that's a joke)so lets start with Friday it was wonderful but a bit Harry
So like any good hubby he took me out to breakfast and shopping . Total pause I'm having a sneeze attack. And I asked him to get a haircut no biggie since he got it cut a the mall before and it looked very good. So after a good amount of begging (he likes it long, I like it short) he gave in to my nagging and got one of the worst hair cuts of his life. I know what your thinking did you get pictures? No I did not it was that bad. So I still feel about an inch big even a few days after. I didn't' notice anything was really really wrong until we were having lunch at Sam's Club and then I said lets go home. I immediately called the girl at sun suites who has been doing my hair and long story short a nice lady named May did as much of a repair as she could on him and it looks tons better than it did. I know I will not nag him for a very long time to get his hair cut poor guy. Tomorrow Pam Tillis, the Gaylord hotel lights, valet parking, and traffic from he double hockey sticks. Blessings A


Betty said…
Hey A - hope your eyes get better soon!!! Can't wait for the next installment of the big city events.

At the moment I'm dealing with some general malaise and just plain exhaustion - so I've decided to not go tomorrow night and just take it easy. The days have been just to long at the office this week.

Hope all is well DH and have a safe trip!!!
Deborah said…
Merry Christmas DH. Be careful and have fun. Hey, maybe you will get a car for Christmas to add to your collection. (HAHA).

We got the reindeer cupcakes done and they are really cute. Following the cupcakes, I went to my parents and made fudge for my mother. I know I am crazy but.........

Just talked to the pregnant gobbler. She went to the dr today and everything is great. She and her husband leave Saturday on their cruise. She can't wait just to relax since she can't do stuff like snorkel, etc. this time.

Here's my news for the day: I traded my Honda for an ENVOY. I love it....can see the whole road, etc. Guess what, I even backed into my garage as I normally do. I was dreading trying it but I did great.

Hope to see ya soon!!
Debbie H said…
I am OK from bleach, not to worry. Betty, I know what you mean about the exhastion setting in. We are leaving in the am and I am beat! I probably won't be on the board until after Christmas. Deb, congrats on the Envoy!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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