Wednesday, April 09, 2008

now what

I'm going to complain, as I often do I want no sympathy,
I just want to complain.
It seems now that the cough has almost died away that my throat has decided to get a huge blister on it preventing me from yet talking. Yes I have been chatty on the blog because for a month I've been battling the cough to talk. Now my throat has a blister on it and it's more than a talkie girl can take I tell you. It's not looking like strep but still (no fever, no rash just. one blister in a crucial spot)and it's just driving me insane.

the Juror
As some of you know I was called for jury duty this past Saturday. I WAS CALLED FOR 30 DAYS!!!!!! Back home it was two Weeks THIRTY FREAKING DAYS! I have asked for it to be changed to June weather they will or not I have no ideal. But I'm hoping they change it to June.
I wanted to go visit some family but I guess it's not happening for a while now big bummer.

Here is my rotten Robbin lay out...Any ideals for a title?


Betty said...

Sorry to hear about your throat - hope it gets better soon.

Rarely does anyone do 30 days of jury duty which is only 20 since they aren't in session on the weekends normally. Everyone I know who has had to serve does so for maybe a couple of days out of the entire month. Hopefully
you'll luck out and get the postponement to June.

Cute layout - I'm drawing a blank on a title though, sorry.....

Anonymous said...

we came up with a title but I lost the paper.a

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.