How Tetley got his name......

Warning this post may be sad, I warn you now to go get a box of tissues.

On Friday Tetley the family dog was put to sleep. Tetley was originally my dog for the first three years of his life then my parents claimed him and then he became theirs. HE was half Shepard half black lab. He was all black except for a small white patch on his chest. He usually weighed around 116 when he was healthy and was 14. He did a lot for me I have always been very afraid of dogs until him, I was bit as a child so that's why. He was a wonder dog his personality was nothing but sweet. Clipie and I could not decide what to name him and the, naming game had dragged on for a bit, one afternoon we were getting ready to go to the store and i had a coupon for tea, Tetley Tea and that is how he got is name from the brand of tea. Fitting for a dog who's spirit was just as sweet at the tea we drink.

Since I was un able to be with him( i was was devastated about that) my sis went home to be with Mom and Dad and Tetley during this time. So a huge Thank you to her for stepping in when I was un able. I had to say my good byes to him over the phone. My sister held the phone up so he could hear me. I thought that she was listening in on my conversation with him when she started balling. When in fact he had started licking the telephone and then that was not enough he cuddled up to sis as if to say he loved me back just as much as I loved him.


Debbie H said…
Angie, thanks for sharing your story. Sorry for your loss.

Deb H
Ohh that is so sad I didn't start to cry until you wrote that your sister was crying. I thought ohh he died while you were talking to him. I am sorry for your loss of your of Tetley.

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