me and jack

As I sit here and relax with my friend Jack who is a down home punch sorta fella. He and I have been doing some thinkin.......Why does he make me quit coughing and other things don't? is it his pretty pink peach color, is it his $6.00 price tag, is it is silver and black label or is it the alcohol..hmmm I think Jack and i are going to go watch a James Bond movie tonight with Clipie. Casino Royal, I think. Last night it was the incredible Peirce Brosnan aka Remington Steele how's that for ya. yep Remington and Holly Berry and it was good for a bond movie.

I did forget to mention Clipie poor Clipie last week On Monday he had to start cutting the grass. poor guy it's early for that this year. He probably wont be able to stop until Thanksgiving or a few weeks before Christmas. He has been so great to me I just cant tell you how good. So in light of that fact I made him a special dinner of salmon, green beans, tgif loaded baked potatoes, and a sorta cherry cobbler. I've tried in the past to make a cherry cobbler but it sucked big time but this one turned out. Of coarse it's not a true cobbler, here is the recipe

I used a small corning dish like this
link to dish

ok I bought on bag of cherries at Kroger
and they were pitted already so no work
I marinated them with 1/4 cup of sugar
for 4 mins in the microwave
then I stirred it up to make sure all the sugar had mostly dissolved
and I put 4 Pillsbury (the frozen ones you buy in a bag) biscuits on top of the cherries
and baked then at 350 for about 35 min.
I took the dish out of the oven when the biscuits started to brown.

oh I almost forgot I sprinkled sugar on top of the biscuits about a regular table spoon per 2 biscuits.
This would be great to serve hot, over ice cream but we were out.


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