its melting away

This page is out of a free pack of paper I received when I went to Archivere's back in March. It was so nice to get a freebie I tell you it's mm paper and stickers came form hl (where else?). It's an 8x8 and the blue is not part of the page it's just background for the scanner.

I am still amazed at how quickly spring melts into summer here. Poof spring is gone and summer is in full swing. It's not even May and I have shorts on this morning, although it is a bit chilly, it's supposed to warm up later to about 80. Back home you would be lucky to be wearing shorts by mid May.Yes that much difference between here and home. My short wearing strategy is funny (so Clipe says) I don't start wearing them until it hits 80, and well today is the day. I will not be wearing them out in public (I could never show off my cellulite) but I love to wear them around the house. So I'm so loving the weather last night we did mulch and we chatted up with the neighbors for a bit, and not a bit interesting to y'all I'm sure.

Well I must go my assistant blogger Pumpkin tells me that I am needed in the kitchen, I'm betting on that the assistant wants some Fancy Feast canned food.


Ok I have made the comments much more easy to use try it out let me know if it's good or bad a
Anonymous said…
Cute page. I went in to work with my night shift for 4 hours last night so I am going in late today. It is amazing how much I have gotten done this morning. So far, 2loads of laundry, washed dishes, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, put up clothes, cleaned spots off the carpet, vacuumed, etc. Wow, I should do this more often. I am too tired to accomplish much after I get home from work. I guess I should go get ready now since it is almost 0900. Have a good day!!
Debbie H said…
Pretty page, love the circle!
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