Green day (only a day late)

So this is my ode to Green Day, a day late.
Yes I will talk a bit about my Greenness and no it wont last forever

Am I green?
um no
Do I strive to be a whole foods shopper and be "green"
do I do a few things for our environment

Last year my only new years resolution was to use less paper, (as in white not acid free paper nothing scrapbook related) and I did keep it, I used considerable less amounts of paper last year. I printed two hl coupons a sheet and things like that, re printing on the back side of the paper, (I have even tried to use my scrapbooking scraps more)never wasting a sheet if need be. This year it's not been going very well but I expect that when my household settles down it will get better.

I do recycle my grocery bags and would drowned in them if I did not

I'm not a huge fan of watter so I don't use to many plastic bottles that will eventually become the "tires of the future" so I'm not contributing to that. (no I have not had my water today but will later when i take my vitamins)

When I can I re-use any plastic containers.

We have (in the past planted) trees on Arbor day however they always seem to die. Does that count?

And I am very conservative with paper towels, those suckers are expensive.

uh yeah I'm sorta green just not all the way.



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