your up 2

Ok well it was not as bad as I thought. You know during this sick business I had quite a few days on the predzoine. So much so that I was a bit worried to get back in the grove of the ww side of life. The last time I had a ww visit I gained 1.02 pounds I had expected it but still it stings, so when I went back this time she said "your up 2" so I thought she meant 2 pounds I never bothered to look at my card after that. When I got home much later Clipie asked me how was it, I had told him I knew I had gained weight and he was just wanting to know how the meeting went , then he asked me how much, he asked me how much I weigh! Panic I don't usually tell him! So I said I didn't know cause I don't remember (and I didn't) with all the gain. Not that I really wanted to tell him what I weighed but he had made me curious with his question so later in the evening I looked at my book. I was up .02 not two pounds! So my total weight gain for the predizoine time period was 1.04. Whew I can handle that not bad if I do say so myself.

So after my breakfast of bread and crackers (haha) I want to introduce you to my new little friends meet Pale yellow, Sand, and Aqua mint. I must thank my Prego Niece Beth for these who so sweetly went and bought them! I have not had time to use them yet but, I'll think of something soon. I have a few projects to work on so I must go for now.




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