Wednesday, August 18, 2010

its not done

Yep you guessed it the pages still aren't done. What have I been doing? Why reading and celebrating. Bo turned 45 yesterday (my Kansas friend) and well we did indeed celebrate. Last night she rode the saddle at the Texas something-or-other steak house and today we went shopping. I found three darling nightgowns.

Ok ok so I didn't get that exact gown but you know I'm keeping it kid friendly. Really they were nothing to show you. In fact I'd take a picture of them right now if my camera didn't need charged but do y'all really want to see my nightgowns? Nah I dint think so..

So I've been reading this crazy wonderful blog I really think you all would love it.

The Pioneer Woman. a city slicker who went country.
Black heels and Tractor wheels is awesome
geat recipes and all that nonsense.

OK tomorrow back to the page I'm going to complete my first two page twelve by twelve this year and I'm going to make myself. I will. I will. I will.

Blessings A


Debbie H said...

The Pioneer Woman's blog is awesome, I love her. Make sure to check out her recipes, she has some good ones!

Deb H

scrap happy girl said...

SO you know her ohhh she is awsome is she not?

Betty said...

I'm with Deb H....I've been checking out Pioneer Woman's blog for quite some time. Her recipes are awesome and her detailed food pics can definitely make you hungry!

So what color gowns did you get?

scrap happy girl said...

2 pink long with short sleeves and one short white wide spaghetti straps with teeny tiny black polka dots. 100% smooth breathable cotton, after a summer like this I need cotton. Eileen West, Dillards.

Betty said...

Pretty.....hopefully we're heading to a cool down in our neck of the woods. Today, is beautiful but still a little humid and hot. Not as bad as the 100's. Thank goodness!

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