Friday, August 06, 2010

b day boy

inside it will say: I thought you need some help keeping the rain away.
Inside: All of us cats back home are thinking of you.

This is very very funny. I was covering "ROD" in chipboard letters so he could hang them in the garage or man cave or whatever. I have no scrapbook room here in Mo so whatever I'm working on can be seen in the open. He just happened to get a glimpse of the "O" and thought it was for his card. He said "Is that for me? Is it an eye? Will it say eye love U?" So not wanting to disappoint him I made it happen. He he he. It really was the "O" in his name. Oh yes I am that sneaky!

The raised heart ideal came form the Valentines day cart (cant remember the name) it has a special cut for a dimensional shape (can you say interactive Betty?)! So I thought it turned out cute.

The b-day boys table!!! more b-day pics later next week.


Betty said...

Very cute!!! Love how the "O" turned out.

Debbie H said...

Love all your work, so glad to see you posting!

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.