Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the crossing at the watter and wild, wildlife

The duckie details. The wildlife cart (Walmart) is a bit of a pain and I'll explain. The ducks featured are three inches (on the Gypsy) If you cut more small ducks, (the family duck image) you really cant work the detail of the chick heads. Even at three inches I had to whisk and twiddle and finesse the tiny parts. It's going to make a nice card for a male birthday but man the ducks were sooo much work. When I cut the ducks I cut the figures in coordinating shades so I wouldn't waste tons of paper and in the end I have one brown duck with green trim set aside for a later card.
The grass is from Gypsy wanderings.


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Debbie H said...

I really like your ducks, and these ones can't chase you!

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.