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Its all

Visual today.Mostly. This is it. I'm stuck on the other page.
From the lingerie boutique la scrap happy girl.One pink old lady night gown.

One very tired, hot Rod taking a nap on the couch after work.

Our shower/bath tub

The floor. Where I fell on my big white fat arse after my shower.
also my unusual quirkiness of life continues. Today I had left the apartment to go get Clipie I had taken him to work because he was running late. (parking is an issue here at this plant, a story for later) So he could walk in and not take eleventy hundred hours to walk a mile back to his job. So as I approached the exit ramp a teenage (high school) boy waved me down. Yes I took precautions but he was way young and I'm worried something is way wrong, it was 2:20 pm. He asked me if I could give him a lift to the high school. I'm assuming it was local, I think I know the name of the local high school. I didn't respond right away, I really didn't know what to do. I told him no, your under age but your welcome to use my cell phone. He said he was "covered".
If you ask me I think he was trying to get back to school to hitch a ride on the bus because the little turd probably was skipping school. I thought about calling the fire station (they have fire and police station close to the apartment) but what would that do? I also considered calling the school but they would probably think I was a nut job so, I'm just thinking about that little twerp. Life is so strange some times.


Debbie H said…
I LOVE that page, it is really neat!

Glad you skipped giving the ride, always go with your gut!

Deb H

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