Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday January 30,2007

I know I'm posting late in the day, I'm not yet back on track. I'm still unpacking putting up and beginning to re acquaint my self with my washer and dryer. Pumpkin on the other hand is indulging in very long naps and extreme stretching and yawning and indulging in occasional affection for her human. I'm still a bit tired and try to avoid a sinus infection from all my crying jags. What am i going to do today you ask? well it's real exciting I'm going to search for some watter ski's no just joking I need to return Clipie's shoes the size 13 was to small so I'm off to the big and tall shop. Also I have knitting class, I'm learning how to purl. Oh and I need to go to sptr and spend my key chain & certificate. I'll try to post a few pages later this week, clipe man needs to show me how to do that again. Blessings a

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