Monday, January 29, 2007

my letter of apology

To South Central. I really don't know how it happened translation ???? blink blink. I did not intend for the cold weather to follow me back but apparently it hitched a ride on our back bumper (without asking).We got back last night and It feels great to be back home again my friends. I'll post some photos here in a bit (no I wont post funeral photos!) got a few great shots. Wrap up if you half to go out of the house today and remember to carry a packet of hot chocolate so you can have it when you get there!

I again want to thank you for all your prayers. I only busted out crying once in the church hall yesterday while visiting with everyone. And it was to Mr Frailey who has known me all my life (his daughter is my age) so he under stands girls bursting out crying. So that was a Stepp in the right direction, at least it was only once (in public).

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