for the birds

On my lovely back patio there is bird droppings (ok lets be real,

the stupid bird is shitting all over my back porch)all over my

back porch and my beloved swing: ( If you had the chance to go

to retreat with me you may remember I did a bird l/o of the

little .... Robbin (I'll look for it if I find it I'll post it{in the

morning}, it still needs a title maybe some of you could help).

And this particular Robbin has decided to inhabit my back porch

once again this year, oh joy. Of late I have been investing some

time here on the old Internet surf board trying to find a solution

to my roosting Robbin problem. It's a much scaled back version

of the famous Boston/pear tree robins, I should have taken a

picture I know but I have already cleaned off the patio with

clipie's help so I am picture-less. And lets face it who wants to

see a picture of bird droppings? If anybody has any home

remedies please let me know, all the on line stuff is expensive

and well I'm not willing to spend 60 bucks on a cardboard cut

out of a coyote.


Anonymous said…
take down the nest, continue to destroy it everytime it starts to remake it it will go away
Anonymous said…
thats the hole problem, no nest! they are just roosting. sitting on my favorite swing and shitting on it.The next door negibors feed them and they fly over here to poo.
Anonymous said…
bee bee gun could work

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