Thursday, December 06, 2007

apple pie

It's as easy as apple pie
To some, not others like me.
Today I made 2 apple pies and it took the better part of 2 hrs. Not exactly easy to this person who has only ever made 1 pie in her life. How is it that I never have? You ask well..... I don't really have an answer to that other than it's just life getting in the way of the pie. Now I'm not a ultra talented cook I can make most of the basics and I only have about one bad dinner a month. I'm defiantly not from the school of ultra talented like Emerald or the Barefoot Countessa (sp???) nope not me simple girl, simple cook. It really helps out that I have not been doing a lot of cooking of late, less cooking = less bad dinners. How did that first pie turn out you ask (or maybe you don't want to know the crust on the bottom did not get done enough for me it was editable) it was ok the guys ate it and well I don't really know how much that says most guys will eat it if you put enough cool whip on it kwim? I went with a traditional Betty crocker recipe and added a few extras like brown sugar and a dash of vanilla. Its smelling so good at this point I'm ready to rip the darn thing out of the oven and eat in now done or not. In seven minutes I will stick in the second pie in the oven and go for broke I will have two delicious pies or two that don't cut the mustard. I had only intend on making one pie however I had bought my grannies at Sam's club and the bags of apples are giants compared to Kroger. Those bags should come with a warning " this is super sized bag of apples and it can cause you more work" as in I had no ideal all the apples would not fit into one pie so I ended up doubling my recipe and making two. Thank heavens I had bought extra pie crusts. My seven are up and I gotta go.

yes clipie did get me different Internet I'll explain as best I can later.

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