Friday, December 07, 2007

the internet and other things

Ok first I'll explain the Internet
yes it is high speed but not true dsl- no I do not understand it
he told me if I don't like it, or if it's not fast enough he will change it
I have no ideal how it works other than it is something about compressing???? on the regular phone line
and I can use the phone at the same time like dsl so I will not have a busy signal anymore
only draw back is I don't have free long distance
and it should be here today or tomorrow and he will try to hook it up as soon as we get our unit.

And I'm waiting to post scrappie things until then, my last down load took 45 min for the card for the bitten by the bug site and that my friends is too long. As for my life I have a house full of people and I'm told two good apple pies. I think they had to much flower in the apple part but I was told I was wrong, who knows. I'm counting down to December 22 when I may have almost 48 hrs alone with my husband.

I received my pd cart yesterday I'll up date you all later on that.



Anonymous said...

I still don't understand your internet, Angie. Downloading a file, even on Satellite, takes me less than 60 seconds. Do you have cable where you live?

I can't believe you got your PD cartridge, I hope mine comes today!

I ordered my ginger girl stamp and a few others from Peachy Keen on Tuesday afternoon, and those came yesterday, I can't believe how quick that was, and that was not even priority mail!

Deb H.

Debbie H said...

PS: This is a test, trying to reset my google account.

Anonymous said...

I order but did not get my peachy stamps yet!a

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just go with cable and forget it????? You would be so happy. djw

Anonymous said...

its aa clipe thing......a

Anonymous said...

I got it I'll be posting here in a bit

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