Monday, December 24, 2007

Finding your place

Finding your place is sometimes easy, like when you are at a wedding reception you don't decide where to sit they have a seating arrangement and you sit, no choice in the matter, you just automatically you have a place to be. We also have our favorite places to sit whether they be in in your lazy boy chair or on the arm of the couch its comfortable to you and you alone. Not many will ever understand why I love sitting with one leg tucked up under me at the end of the couch, (just like my Aunt Jane) . We all have a natural place's in our own families youngest, oldest, tallest ,smallest.
Finding your place in the world outside of family and work sometimes is challenging. In December of 03 I had a place in this world, it was in a small suburb of a large Midwestern city. It was not a large life but it was full and one I had spent 30 years in building. I was a daycare teacher for 12 years, I was active in Girl Scouts, had wonderful neighbors/friends, I was a sitter for the Mops program at another church, I was also director of my church nursery. And then there were people who I had known all my life through the various programs and organizations my parents belonged too. I had/have many people who I came into contact in my life so to speak. Of course I chose my profession and accepted responsibility for all of my comments. In many of those commitments I not only found joy in the acts of service,I found my place. Not necessarily my friends but my place where I belong, where I'm comfortable. All of that somewhat came to an end when we moved down south. I had no job, no civic involvement, no church, and no life long acquaintances. For the first 6 months in our new city I just puttered around our home doing not much. I wondered the hole time will this life ever be like my old one? Will I enjoy it? Eventually we found a church to go too, and I found scrapbooking and knitting which ultimately led me to my life now. Have I found my place now? I think so my life now is much more slow yes but it's not necessarily a bad thing. When you live life at a slower pace you stop and get to enjoy it a bit. Whether it's age or experience I have found my new life pretty comfortable and feeling more and more at home in it. Take the blog I love it even if only 3 people read it every day I get pure joy out of it. My place in this world is here with you all, and I'm so thankful for all of you who read and I'm thankful for all of those of you who I call friend and make this life of mine so much more enjoyable.

Merry Christmas!
and everyone else!

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