Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hi all

this is my card for knitty friends and ww

Just stopping by for a quick visit with you all today

I'm very tired after a marathon visit with walmart yesterday. I believe it was one of the longest trips ever....at leas it felt that way. Today I'm in the mists of Christmas goodness, cards and a crock pot that seems to be used daily due to my lack of time to cook. I'm printing coupons off the net to save on the last few gifts I have to get and thinking I want to have a nice nap. (been up since 5 b/c clipies car (the other woman) is acting up) I'm also knitting an alpaca (itchie knitty - must be allergic) in the mix. Gotta go


Betty said...

Cute card A!

WM crazy anytime of the year and worse this time of the year......

DH hope your parents made it to BG OK. Enjoy your visit!!!

I assume everyone is going to make the crop dates since I haven't heard otherwise......

I have saved so much using coupons on the net.....awesome!!

Also, in case anyone is interested Creative Express is still having that awesome sale on cartridges!!!

Anonymous said...

Betty.....can't wait to crop. It seems like it has been forever. Dates are fine!! djw

Debbie H said...

My mom and dad made it here yesterday, I am so happy. The storm was done when they left, "only" a foot of snow dumped. They hit some blustery roads in Erie, and again just north of Columbus, but they did it! They are loving are weather, out for a walk now. We are all going to Beech Bend tonight to see the lights, can't wait.

I have the January crop dates down, I will definitley be there for them!

I don't need any cartridges but I am going to peak again, how can you beat that sale??

Deb H

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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