Thursday, December 27, 2007

we now return to our regular blogging

We have been on the car hunt. A so not fun car hunt that turned into an suv hunt that has turned into a" Oh my Lord do they really expect me to pay this much for a thing with wheels"? Seriously I'm way out of touch when it comes to car pricing. They pretty much want 20,000 for anything will seat 4, I'm just shocked. So that has led to can we keep fixing the car for a while? I what I really mean is can we use it till the wheels fall off? Big mama is staying in the family for a while but it looks like the "other woman" is going to be seeing greener pastures as we pre pair and save money for a new car. Be praying for Clipie he has decided to sell her (the vette)....I'm shocked and don't really know how to react. I guess it's time to do those car pages of him and her.

I have absolutely no projects to share with you of late. I haven't done a project since Saturday. I'm itching to use my ds but there is no time to spare with all of the Christmas cleanup going on.
I'm blogging because I'm trying to stay out of the family room because it's next to the kitchen that holds the goodies of leftover Christmas. Yes that's right I'm hiding from the food at this point. This home is a virtual food bonanza with every sweet and treat you could think of.

hmmm that's making me more hungry maybe I'll go take a small trip to the lean cuisine in the freeze


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Debbie H said...

New cars are incredibly expensive. My Grand Am is as close to a new car as I ever had. It was a GM "executive" car, meaning an executive employee drove it for about 10,000 miles before Wayne bought it. Almost new, now almost 8 years old and over 100,000 miles. I pray she keeps going too!

Can't believe Rod is selling the vette, wow. Wayne is done with the barn floor, he is calling car transporters to get his collection of race cars brought down in January or February. I'll believe it when I see it!

Deb H

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