Monday, December 03, 2007


Today I'm spending the day with Mr I. He is using up his final two days of vacation he has left this year. While he sleeps I blog. I did promise something scrappy a few days ago so I promise to eventually get to it.

So what do y'all think about the stamp? I was surprised, I never have heard of Peachy Kean stamps and they seem to be very nostalgic. And an interesting fact if you get published using their stamps they will actually pay you -interesting concept. if anyone wants to order let me know we will do a group thing.

And in the news I'm being published on the Internet! I'm going to be featured on the bitten by the bug blog as Decembers guest designer with my Santa card. My card should be up sometime today here is the link:

I may periodically have work on her blog this month so stay tuned for future work on her blog. This is my first time ever being published for my work!

I'm truly a Scrap Happy Girl this morning!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your design team debut, I am going to check out the link and book mark it. If you decide to order from the stamp place, I want that gingerbread girl. no rush, just keep it in mind, I'll check out the rest.

Deb H

Betty said...

Congratulations Angie! I love the Snowman card and it looks just as good on the link as it does IRL.

Yes, I think I want the gingerbread stamp also. I may just go ahead and order since shipping is only .99 thru this week. It so cute!!!

Thanks for a great time this weekend!

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