Wednesday, December 05, 2007

so much

So much for regular blogging my sis is sick and decided to stay seeing that she would have been driving home in about 7 inches of snow. And speaking of snow it is extremely rare that it snow's 7 inches before Christmas back home. After Christmas it's nothing to start with a 9 inch snow or more but before it's all dusting's and by dusting I mean 2 inches or less. One year I can remember having flurries in June (a few years ago just before we left home) and the earliest was 1 week before Halloween and that was just a dusting back in 91 (the same year I graduated high school).
Now down here in the south when you say snow you mean " THE SKY IS FALLING" everyone is in a virtual frenzy and runs to the store for the southern basics (which are) Bread, Beer, Milk and eggs. Back home we scoff at this preparing frenzy the only frenzy we ever witnessed was y2k and yes I did participate in the silly ness, but not in an extreme manor. I had a case of diced tomatoes, a case of caned fruit and lots of frozen things. Getting back to the snow in the south...... I do love snow, I love to see it, I love to play in it and I love to wake up to it. When Mr I and myself bought our last home up north we moved in on Christmas Eve and when we awoke Christmas morning is was to look out and see that overnight everything had been covered with a blanket of white. It was a memorable moment to say the least. I do miss that snow on almost every Christmas morning. ah thanks for letting me reminisce today.


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