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baby talk

So sometimes it dangerous when Engineers think
as my life is so exciting I thought I would share this glimpse of my life here at home......
I was sitting with clipie watching the tv. Dirty Jobs you know the show with the guy with the deep silky voice, that does not mach his face. (at least in my opinion his voice and face are off) Moving on he was collecting poo at a daycare when the question was asked
"How log do babies stay in diapers?
And the reply was "2 1/2 years".
"Your joking?"
"No, very few can be trained before 18 mos and that's an exception to the rule" (in my best day care teacher voice I had) In all my years of day care I had only seen 3 before 18 mos.
"Well I'd make a device"
"blink, huh, what?"
"I'd make a device so that you could sit the kid to the toilet and train it early."
"You realize it has to due with muscle control right?"
"We could train the cat at the same time save money on litter and it would not be dusty."

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Anonymous said…
I resemble that remark!!

Michelle - The Industrial Engineer

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
the comment only applies to Electrical engineer's that I'm married to. I kinda for got about your engineer status. It was just so funny 2 1/2 years you should have seen the look on his face. a

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