Monday, March 31, 2008

cricut board

A month or so ago the cricut board started having what I call "troubles" people kept complaining about post not being posted in the proper "categorie". A few days ago administrators announced that topics will be moved if they are placed improperly. And today (as if this were the ck{Creating keepsakes} board) posts have been pulled left and right including one that said "Happy Monday". Now that sounds a bit extreme pulling a thread that says Happy Monday don't you think.?

Of late (since this brouhaha started) I've been holding back from posting my work on that board. I have no ideal if I post in the right area or not, but it leaves me feeling un welcome and hesitant to post on the only mb that I visit. Sure I understand that if nobody followed the guidelines it would be a huge mess, however on the other hand I don't have time to go through 15 different categories to find an ideal or just see what today's "hot topic" is on the mb. It also makes me leery that they are becoming more like ck mb, lots of upper control with no new creativity able to break through. Maybe I'm paranoid maybe it's one to may visits to the scrap smack board who have un earthed a crap load of info about various scrap happenings. I have no ideal but I truly hate to see this happen to the cricut board all of the unrest and post removing it's going to ruin a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Angie I say..don't sweat the small stuff. Just have fun scrapbooking. See ya this weekend. djw

Anonymous said...

I know but I sorta hang there ......a lot so sad groan women not able to get along and take advantage of such a nice board

Debbie H said...

I guess I haven't been on the Cricut site too much lately, I didn't notice the problem, but I can say that any time I want to look up projects I thought it was actually pretty easy to navigate. I wonder if they had complaints? Not to worry, there are plenty of sites out there and lots of other ideas!

Deb H

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