Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm home

Yesterday I had a delivery
Yeah that's right
my mail box was full
Yeah it's sexy, it's crazy sexy,
It's my Easter gift from Clipie
One is so nice it could make you drop a tear
the other
Lets just say that there is 50 reasons to love it
My two new things are
Tear Drop and 50 states


Debbie H said...

Sounds like a pretty nice Easter gift! See everyone next weekend, can't wait to escape this rude snow covered city and be back in BG.

Deb H.

scrap happy girl said...

be safe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful coming back!!! Being there for a week makes Mt LebaNON Rd look better and better, huh? Can't wait to see everybody next weekend. DH I need lessons on the Design Studio!! I think I am trainable but.............djw

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